RDS Membership and our Work

The RDS was set up in 1731 to improve the economic wellbeing of Ireland, something we continue to do today.

We have a portfolio of 15 projects with the aim of ensuring that the coming generations can achieve their potential in the arts, agriculture, enterprise, equestrianism and science.


Become a Member of the RDS

By becoming a Member of the RDS you are supporting and contributing to our projects but Membership of the RDS brings many benefits for you as well, including:

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Take a Tour and Find out more

Please contact us for a tour of the Members’ Club and further information about our work or email: members@rds.ie or phone:  01-240 7296


Give the Gift of RDS Membership

Give the Gift of RDS Membership

The perfect gift for friends, business colleagues or clients.

Your Gift of Membership will be beautifully packaged in an embossed envelope, guaranteed to delight the receiver.

By giving the Gift of RDS Membership, you’ll also be benefitting Ireland.  Since our foundation in 1731 we’ve been helping drive cultural and economic progress and that work continues today.  In the arts, science, agriculture, equestrianism and enterprise, the RDS has helped foster some of Ireland’s leading talent.

For information on the cost of RDS Membership please click HERE or find out more about the Gift of Membership