Cleaning Up with Tidy Towns

While being a fresh and friendly community, Ballsbridge has seen a tremendous amount of development over the past number of years, bringing dynamic economic life and social vibrancy, with advanced plans at hand for the future. Now, your community needs you!

The Tidy Towns initiative has well and truly kicked off in Ballsbridge. The community has gathered with one goal in mind, to make Ballsbridge an even better place to call home. We’ve recently submitted our Tidy Towns application, but the work doesn’t stop there. There’s been plenty of volunteers lending a helping hand with everything from morning meet ups to a Spring Clean Scavenge Hunt, there’s no job too small!

Since we’ve began the Tidy Towns initiative in Ballsbridge, it’s brought so much to Ballsbridge, with thanks to all who got involved. From a fantastic bee garden to community clean up days, and even brightening up the bollards of Ballsbridge! Our volunteers have been out and about with their paintbrushes painting bollards in the bright blue and white colours of Ballsbridge Living.

Ballsbridge Living Tidy Towns

The competition involves participating areas being rated on all aspects of their local environment and prizes awarded to the best under various categories, with the overall winner being named ‘Ireland’s Tidiest Town’. If you’d like to see the beloved Ballsbridge being named Ireland’s Tidiest Town, then be sure to get in contact to be involved in the clean-up. Plus, it’s a great way to meet your neighbours while greatly benefiting the community.

There is a job for everyone young and old, mobile and non-mobile. This is a community project for all to enjoy building pride in our area. We will be tidying up your road soon and would love you, your family and friends to get involved and join our community of volunteers to make Ballsbridge somewhere to be proud of. Many hands make light work! Keep updated on the progress over on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and, if you would like to get involved, please contact us on


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