Upmarket Makeover Takes Shape In Ballsbridge

“The tony Dublin suburb is undergoing retail, residential and commercial regeneration.”

Ballsbridge enjoys the many advantages of sitting on the cusp of the capital: This quiet and friendly residential suburb is a short hop from the city centre, and all that it offers. The area has seen a tremendous amount of development over the past number of years, bringing dynamic economic life and social vibrancy, with advanced plans at hand for the future. World-class businesses attracted to the area will be the engine for further investment, job creation and development.

Speaking of the latest developments in Ballsbridge, Kenneth Rouse of BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE recently wrote for Biz Plus, stating, “Ballsbridge was also a magnet for would-be property moguls during the dysfunctional property investment cycle of the noughties that heralded the recession. Failed development projects characterised the area until recent years when, with the institutional investors and experienced property developers back in control, Ballsbridge is re-establishing its position as the jewel in the crown of upmarket locations.”

“The Comer Brothers’ development, Number One Ballsbridge, has recently delivered badly-needed retail, office and residential space in the area. The retail and residential customer base comprises affluent locals and office workers, as well as visitors to local destinations, the RDS and the Aviva stadium, with Number One located midway between the two.”

As Ballsbridge continues to grow, this will largely benefit both residents, tenants and visitors of the beloved suburb.

The next generation of office developments in Ballsbridge includes U&I’s Carrisbrook House, Irish Life’s Hume House and Albany Homes’ 35 Shelbourne Road, all of which are due to be delivered in the next two to three years.

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Sarah Malone