Welcoming the Newest Arrivals to Ballsbridge!

Ballsbridge enjoys the many advantages of sitting on the cusp of the capital, such as pairing the slight hustle and bustle of the city with the calming essence of village living. There’s plenty to do and see in Ballsbridge, from sold-out concerts to an endless array of dinner options. Plus, there’s always something new and exciting. Here are the latest arrivals coming to our doorstep!

Avoca Pop-Ups

Early this year, Ballsbridge welcomed Avoca to the neighbourhood, but Avoca also brought with them their innovative pop up culinary kitchen. This gives various restaurants the chance to offer Ballsbridge residents and visitors their delicious meals, from chicken dishes at Poulet Bon Femme to toasties at Meltdown. There’s always something new on offer! Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to stay up to date on the latest pop-ups in Avoca Ballsbridge.

Meltdown Pop Up Ballsbridge.JPG


Cinnamon Restaurants is about to join the 60 restaurants, 23 cafes, 18 pubs, nine hotels, three wine bars and plenty more in the heart of Dublin 4! With their extensive breakfast and lunch menu on offer from Monday to Friday and their famous brunch running Saturday and Sunday, Cinnamon will definitely receive a warm welcome to Ballsbridge!


The Art of Coffee

The Art of Coffee pride themselves on sharing their passion for fantastic coffee, with their coffee experts on hand in each of their stores. A steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee is certainly the best way to start your day, and we’re looking forward to trying The Art of Coffee in Ballsbridge!

art of coffee.JPG

Coca Cola

Ballsbridge is already home to many well-established brands, and we can now add Coca Cola to the list! The worldwide company will soon be setting up at one of Dublin’s most sought after addresses, penthouse floor at Number One Ballsbridge. Situated on Pembroke Road, on the site between the Ballsbridge Hotel and Hume House, the new location for Coca Cola has everything at its fingertips.

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Sarah Malone