B part of Ballsbridge

Our focus is to generate a greater interest in the area, highlighting it as a standout place to live, work and visit, thereby increasing revenues for the local businesses in the area: independent shops, bars, hotels and restaurants.

We will represent the key stakeholders from various local interest groups including businesses, hotels, restaurants, landowners and residents to create a wide-ranging initiative that promotes Ballsbridge as a thriving neighbourhood.


  • To build a sense of belonging for all of Ballsbridge.

  • Increase awareness locally and internationally.

  • Promote the skills within the community.

  • Highlight the economic contribution as a prosperous location for business and investment.

  • Increase revenues for local businesses.

  • Promote Ballsbridge as a world-class residential location.

  • Encourage residents, businesses and visitors to ‘Work, Stay, Visit and Socialise’.

If you would like to be part of this exciting initiative, please contact us at: hello@ballsbridgeliving.ie